The conservator's creed involves two tenets: 
first, do no harm; second, make all treatments as reversible as possible.

Determining a treatment plan

Treatment protocols depend on a number of factors, including:

  • purpose (is the work an archival piece, or will it be hung on a wall for everyday viewing?)

  • historical significance and documentary value

  • aesthetics (how does the piece look?) 

  • condition of the paper or canvas, the support material and the media (the materials used to make the piece, such as pencils, oil paints, etc.).

  • the conservator's personal experience

  • the tastes and biases of the cultural environment

  • uncontrollable outside influences, including climate and geographic location.

Actual treatment plan synopsis

  • writing a condition report noting damage

  • photographing before, during and after work is done

  • surface grime removal

  • unmounting from an acidic board

  • removal of various tapes

  • reduction of stain degradation either locally or through full immersion

  • mending with tissue or full lining with wheat paste

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